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    Frequently asked questions

    Q. What is Solmax Global? 

    A. It is a marketing partner for Igniter100.

    Q. Who is Igniter 100? 

    A. The actual business that we are buying shares from but we become affiliates through their marketing partner Solmax Global.

    Q. Who are the founders of these companies? 

    A. They are both founded by the same founders CFO Abdul Rehman and COO Florian Kruger

    Q. When was this company founded? 

    A. Igniter100 was founded in August 2017

    Q. Is it a registered Company? 

    A. Yes it is registered. Company Reg number 10920141 VAT Reg number GB281458192

    Q. Does Igniter100 have offices in South Africa? 

    A. No. At the moment the company has offices in London but will possibly expand to SA and other countries as well as the business grows bigger.

    Q. Since when is Solmax Global/Igniter100 operating in SA

    A. Since mid April 2020

    Q.How do I become a member of Solmax Global? 

    A. by registering using the link of the person who introduced the business to you. 

    Q. How and what do I benefit from this company ?

    A. After registering you buy a package ranging between 50 and 5000 pounds. Each package has a different number of shares. From those shares you will get daily returns ranging between 1 and 2%

    Q. What determined the percentage? 

    A. if you just buy a package and not introduce anyone to the business, you will only get the 1% ROI everyday from Monday to Friday for 200 days. 

    If you introduce 3 people and above you will get 2% everyday from Monday to Friday for 100 days.

    Q. Plz explain the long term investment 

    A.That is when you choose to lock your shares meaning they will not be withdrawable until they go to listing next year between March and April.

    Q. How will I know what I will get when shares are listed?

    A. you take your number of shares divide them by the current share price then multiply by the estimated share value upon listing which is either 6 or 8 pounds.

    Example: 50 pounds gives you 192 pounds

    50/0.26 = 192 shares

    192*6 =1152 pounds

    Converted to rands thats R24 944

    Q. Will I be able to withdraw that lumpsum after listing? 


    Q. When do I withdraw on the short term investment? 

    A. When ever you d 30 pounds accumulated and above you can withdraw. Plz note ROI are open on Wednesdays.

    Q. Is recruiting compulsory? 

    A. No. You only recruit if you want to increase your ROI percentage as explained above and if you want to earn bonuses.

    Q. Plz explain the bonuses? 

    A. You receive a direct bonus which is 10% of the business volume. Eg if your downline buys a 500 pounds package you will get an instant bonus of 50 pounds.

    Q. Will I get that 50 pounds every week ?

    A. No. You get the direct bonus once for that specific sale.

    Q. What is the Binary bonus ?

    A. Bi means 2. So you have to activate 2 legs by placing 1 person on the left leg and 1 person on the right leg . You then qualify for binary bonus which is 10% of the total business volume on the weaker leg. This volume is based on team sales not just your sales.

    Eg:  If your volume on your left leg is 1000 pounds and on the right leg is 500 pounds

    You will get 10% of 500 pounds which is your weaker leg which is 50 pounds.

    Q. Do I get that 50 pounds every week? 

    A. No. Once you are paid 10% of that weaker leg, the business volume of 500 pounds will be deducted from your power leg .  1000 pounds - 500 pound so you will have 0 on your weaker leg and 500 on your power leg so you build up new volume on for the following week withdrawal.

    Q. When are bonuses withdrawn?

    A. On Mondays.

    Q. Plz explain the 75/25% split .

    A.75 of your ROI is withdrawable but 25% goes to savings account so it is not withdrawable. This is a good way for us to save. The same rule is applicable to the bonuses.

    Q. Does the 25% for ROI and bonuses go to the same wallet?. 

    A.No. Your ROI 25% goes to the savings wallet and the 25% bonuses goes to the trade account.

    Q. What is KYC and why is it important?  

    A. KYC stands for know your customer. The objective of KYC guidelines is to prevent businesses from being used by criminal elements for money laundering. It enables businesses to better understand their customer thus helping them manage risk in a well- jugded manner.

    Q. What happens if I don’t do KYC? 

    A. You will not be able to withdraw your ROI and bonuses until this requirement is fulfilled.

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